Reduce Comebacks

To reduce comebacks, here are some of the parts we recommend to our customer's in addition to the normal, rebuild kit, bushings, bands, torque converter etc.
There are also many ATRA recommended modifications that can be done on almost every unit. 
For example full time lube, stronger lockup and shifts, etc.
The replacement of hard parts necessary varies on each and every job, after teardown of the transmission and inspection.
On every transmission, you have to determine what is needed to ensure the best quality job for your customer.
The severity of the debris inside the transmission, the age and mileage also play a part in your cooler decisions.
Every cooler is flushed, if not bypassed with an external cooler. Some may also require an inline filter.
Many of the shift / recalibration kits listed have upgraded / replacement parts. Many also have good advice on what to look out for on that particular valve body and unit.

Front Wheel Drive Chart and Suggestions

Rear Wheel Drive Chart and Suggestions

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