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How a Transmission Works

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These recommendations do not cover all possibilities. They are some things to check before you have your transmission rebuilt. Always check transmission fluid level first. Always run a scanner on any computer controlled transmission. On modulated transmissions make sure they have enough vacuum.


Forester 1998-01 2.5L 4EAT ALL WHL DR     
Impreza 1993-01 1.8 / 2.2 / 2.5L 4EAT ALL WHL DR     
Legacy 1990-01 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.5L 4EAT ALL WHL DR     
Loyale 1985-94 1.8L turbo  3 AT 1985-94 1.8L non turbo  3 AT 1988-90 1.8L 4EAT ALL WHL DR  TURBO
Outback 2000-01 2.5 / 3.0L 4EAT turbo    
SVX 1992-97 3.0 / 3.3L 4EAT ALL WHL DR     
XT 1985-87 1.8 / 2.7L  3 AT 1987-91 1.8 / 2.7L 4EAT REAR WHL DR  








3 AT
The transmission above is a rear wheel drive 3 speed automatic.  Common symptoms are: erratic shifting, slipping or losing trans fluid without a source of a leak.

Pull the vacuum line off the modulator, check your vacuum source. If fluid comes out of the vacuum line,  your modulator is no good.

Make sure your band get adjusted when you service your transmission.



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The transmission above is a front and or all wheel drive 4 speed automatic, that is all computer controlled. It uses a microcomputer to judge operating conditions while monitoring the throttle position sensor and vehicle speed sensor and many others. 

Common symptoms are trans shifting erratic, slipping or not shifting at all. external sensors on the vehicle like the winter mode switch, throttle position sensor and vehicle speed sensor, quite often go bad causing these symptoms.

Always run a scanner first to see if a sensor is causing your problem. I recommend that you change the transmission fluid on this style transmission about every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

This vehicle has a transmission fluid temperature sensor. This sensor will not allow the transmission to shift into 4th gear or the torque converter to lock/up in extremely cold weather. Keep this in mind if the above is your problem.

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